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4 days

Skip the details, I want to go!

Would you like to be able to book your full year faster and have more time for your family?

Do you struggle to get more brand exposure in all these channels options and want to connect the dots to make more money?

Do you feel that it’s hard to connect with other wedding planners and share real knowledge?

Take the leap now to get solid results and upgrade your lifestyle + business

Belief Retreat

All-inclusive mastermind retreat for wedding planners entrepreneurs 
who are ready to level up their business.

Hi, Giovana here!

I’m founder of BWP Community, a tribe just for us, wedding planners, with Beliefers (aka members) in 36 countries.

And you know what? I’m just like you! 
A mother that juggle every day between my family and the business.
A dreamer (read: hit with a million ideas a minute)
I’m also someone who knows how to get the best results, focusing on exposure, strategy and implementation.

I know that all of us keeping listening that to have a 6-figure success business you must hustle and almost sell your soul. 
The true story behind that? You don’t need to sacrifice your life to be successful. 
Time to work smarter, and not harder.

We are in this together!

No procrastination
No alone work
No excuses



How to transform your business and make big money so that you don’t need to worry about small things every single day.


The #1 secret to create golden content that your prospects and clients have no choice but to listen and absorb your tips as an authority.


How to make it real and profitable your network connections so that you have solid brand exposure.


The worst thing for your business is multitasking instead of focus in one big project at time. Time to change that and set the right expectations for your 2019.

What they say

" I’ve changed my mind about a group of people that do the same and support each other form the heart! I realized that true friendship in the wedding industry does exist! And also, I think exposure it’s important for me as a Belief member, at the end my clients can see that I'm an international wedding planner. "

Cecy Pineda

" Mexico was an amazing experience. And all the knowledge, all the experiences that we exchange is priceless. And the fact that the retreat allow us to know other colleagues also in a more personal way is huge. We grow as professionals but also as human beings and that is incredible. So of course I’m going to Italy. "

Rui Mota Pinto

" I found that Belief is really an amazing community, not only for networking but for real learning and understand that no matter how BIG or important Wedding Planner you are there is always room to be humble, learn and share. That’s why I’m going to Italy after the retreat in Mexico last year! "

Cecilia Reyes

Even if you...

Think that it’s the place to be just for people who have a solid career.
Want to scream as loud as you can for changes and the same time feel that is too much work to do. 
Feel afraid that you don’t know anybody, it will be difficult to communicate, and prefer to stay where you are now and having the same results.
Or, if you are, an experienced wedding planner and is only looking for new important international connections and exposure.

Belief Retreat is the ONLY mastermind event for wedding planners on the planet that support your transformation not only while the 4 days in Italy but for a whole year without you having to do it all alone.

Only 15 wedding planners will be there


There are so many wedding events out there. 
Why should I choose Belief Retreat to go?

Yes, there are a million wedding events out there.
But only a few give you all the support and techniques to really transform your business.
Only ONE gives you all that in an intimate and deep productive way. You won’t leave Italy without a solid plan.

You don’t have to do it alone.
You don’t need to distribute your business card to 500 people that you don’t even had the chance to meet for real.
You don’t have to have a big fat account to invest in yourself. Which, btw, it’s the best way to grow your business. 
You don’t need to listen only famous speakers to get inspired. Usually they are always talking about the same things or themselves.

There is ONE important thing that you NEED to know. This ISN’T a class. We are not going to Italy to give you a bunch of advices you don’t need or add to your to-do-list. You’ve probably have being doing tons of courses, and filling your notebook with 1000 ideas.

Belief Retreat is THE place to be to transform your business and get things done.


Like-minded people together + strategies + accountability + implementation = Results

What are we covering in the 
Belief Retreat?

You might be thinking that all of this sounds pretty cool, 
but what actually we will be doing in Italy?

Much more than meet new people, have fun, drink local wine and eat cheese until we can’t have more, we will going deep in business strategies to create a real plan.

Personal Branding
International Press and Brand Exposure
Talk Money. A lot about Money.
Accountability + Community. Next 12 months.
Client Attracting Systems
Client Experience 
Entrepreneurs Mindset
Give back. Social Responsibility. 
Connect and make it happen. Projects Concepts.
Next steps to level up your business.

Now. Act now. 
Because there is no perfect time unless you take action.


Sposi Magazine

Official Media Partner in Italy

Sandra Santoro

Host Partner

ZankYou Weddings

International Media Partner

This is totally what I'm looking for


The Location

Palermo is the capital of the Italian island of Sicily. The 12th-century Palermo Cathedral houses royal tombs, while the huge neoclassical Teatro Massimo is known for opera performances. Also in the center are the Palazzo dei Normanni, a royal palace started in the 9th century, and the Cappella Palatina, with Byzantine mosaics. Busy markets include the central Ballarò street market and the Vucciria, near the port. (*Wikipedia)

Our Italian home for 4 days

We will be staying at the Grand Hotel Villa Igiea Palermo MGallery by Sofitel which offers a 5-star experience in a stunning villa on the coast of Palermo. Restored at the end of the 19th century by famous architect Ernesto Basile, it still retains frescoes and original furniture and decor.

Offering panoramic views across the Bay of Palermo, Grand Hotel Villa Igiea - MGallery Collection is 1.2 mi from Palermo Harbor. It features an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and elegant rooms and suites.

Every room has a different design and layout at Villa Igiea - MGallery Collection and no two are the same. Some offer views of the Tyrrhenian Sea or Pellegrino mountain. Just beautiful! 

Your experience also includes

  • 4 nights accommodation (November 11th - 15th)
  • 3 meals a day plus snacks to keep your energy high
  • Transportation to and from all the retreat events. Please note that transfer from and to the airport is the attendee responsibility  
  • Participate in the Two+Us Weddings, when we can give back to the community and make a couple’s dream come true
  • A headshot portrait small session 
  • An immersive brand building experience
  • Reflection time designed to give you an opportunity to connect with yourself and absorb everything
  • Transformational daily group activities and mastermind sessions
  • Perfect Italian evening parties to celebrate life and your achievements. 
  • All inclusive stay in a 5-star luxury hotel in Palermo (double shared room)

And there are bonuses?
Yes, there are!!

  • 3 months of free group coaching prior to the Retreat (value $2000)
  • 2 x 2 hour follow up group calls after the event (January and February), because we’ve got to stay accountable (value $1800)
  • All attendees will receive a private 1:1 business review + goals call (redeemable any time after the retreat) (value $1000)
  • Beliefers Swag Bag including Italian gifts, a workbook for you to use during the event, and some surprises to spoil you. (priceless)


$2300 per person that are available on a first come, first serve basis. 
Payment plans are also available, and seats are limited to just 15 people in order to give attendees the most of the retreat concept and program.


" There are wedding planners who collaborate and share-all boats rise together- After the Belief Retreat in Mexico, I was inspired to continue developing my brand. There are actually people I can trust in this business. "

Shannon Lemp

" I simply love it and I signed up faster to the Belief Retreat in Italy. I almost missed Mexico and I would never known!! Just the thought makes me sad! "

Judy Amado

" I loved hearing everybody's stories and learning how they do business and how they feel about this industry, the good and the bad. It brought me a feeling of community that I did not have before, that’s why I’m going to Italy. "

Guadalupe Alvarez

What your ideal day will be like

More perfect clients, international brand exposure, people eager to connect and make business with you and a life that you desire full of great moments.

Imagine this day with me…
You wake up in the morning on your dream house, happy with your family. Then you go to your office where you find your team ready to work and have a productive day. 

During the day, you have the opportunity to connect with other wedding planners from all over the globe and get to collab together for a new project. Exciting!

For your surprise, your business was featured in a media outlet in a different country for the first time. Yay!

Now you get back home, grateful for your day and for your life, and ready to spend time with your family.

What others have asked?

Frequent asked questions.

You will receive an email with the next steps to arrange your flight tickets, and you will also receive a special pdf with all travels tips. We will also invite you to join the private group on Facebook for wedding planners that will be attending. If you are not a member of BWP Community yet, will will get access to the members’ area to create your profile and be featured on the directory. A lot of great things to do as a new member!
We can offer a payment plan for you! If you make your booking over 45 days in advance, you will be able to pay in two installments: a down payment of 40% of the total investment, will be paid to save your spot; the second installment remaining, 15 days before the event.
As this is an exclusive event, we can not guarantee your spot unless you make the first payment. And also, as we have only 25 spots available (actually less than that because we already have people from 7 countries confirmed) you can end without having a place for you.
You also have an option for a single room. For $2500 (instead of $2300 double room) will will have a room only for you.
We offer a spouse/relative package only for one additional person. This person will be able to have breakfast with all of us and also participate in the dinner/parties. They won’t be able to be the whole time with us while the retreat program is happening. During the day, they will be free to visit the city and enjoy the hotel. Interested? Please contact us and we’ll send you more details about that.
Yes you can! We need to know about that asap to check with the hotel if they will have rooms available for you. But we definitely can help you with that. Important: extra nights are not included on the Belief Retreat fee. You are covered from November 11 (check in) To November 15 (check out).
The Belief Retreat will have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities that will create an intense experience between brands and attendees. If you are interested, let us know at [email protected] and we will send you the sponsorship packages options.

I'm ready to pack my bags and join Belief Retreat

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